Street Beggars

Street Beggars

Street beggars are a common sight in big cities. Clad in rags, shivering in cold they could be seen everywhere begging in the name of God.

One obvious reason for this evil is illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. There are quite are quite a few who take to begging because of it. But another reason is that begging has become quite a paying profession. Many evil practices have come into existence because of it. Kids are kidnaped and sold to be trained and used for begging. At times they are brutally crippled, made lame, blind etc. These get more alms as their miserable plight arouses people’s sympathy. They suffer and their oppressors enjoy.

Broadly speaking beggars are of two types-able bodies and disabled. The able-bodied can work and earn their livelihood but at the earlies stages they did not get work and now they do not want to work. They fine begging easier and more profitable. The disabled, some due to natural causes and others due to their mentors-have no option.

Beggars are a great nuisance. They are blot on humanity. They even indulge in many criminal activities. These must be apprehended and taught some craft and made to work. The kidnappers, the sellers and the owners who make the kids beg, should be given exemplary punishments.

It is our moral duty to help to the weak, the hungry and the suffering people. But by dispensing alms as charity, we do not help them. We should help to educate and rehabilitate them.

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