Essay on The Age of Advertisement

We all get affected by the advertisements in the magazines and on radio and television. They promise you and make you believe to get you ideal things for your money. For growing long hair and to obtain a petal-soft skin and so many other products, which promise to make you realise your dreams are all not real. Their sole purpose is to induce the buyer to spend more. Well, knowing this truth does not stop the victims from getting attracted by this media stunt!

Though we are fully aware of the artful devices of a tooth paste company, we enjoy the colour and pictorial values of what we see. Many companies make these pictures with all imagination. Some of the best advertisements have won international acclaim. A short film with a crop story and colouful atmosphere creates the desired effect without much words.

Present age is an age of advertisement and hoardings. It has become a separate field of study with so many specialisation techniques. All big and small companies depend upon these agencies to catch the market for their products. Advertisement many be make-believe, but it has to stay. As industries grow fast and markets are flooded with several new products, there should be some code of ethics to prevent the producers from adulteration of goods and from cheating the public.

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