The bicycle is very useful poor man’s vehicle. This is the only means which has access to almost all corners. It made of steel. It has two wheels. It has seat and a handle. Two pedals and a bell are also part of it. My bicycle has a carrier too.

I go to school daily by bicycle. It has very useful for short distances. Many of my friends also come to school on their bicycles. In short, we call it a ‘bike’. Every day in the morning I clean and oil it. Its regular care makes it move smoothly and fast. It should be protected from water. Otherwise, rust will settle on it. This poor man’s vehicle can carry two persons easily. One can sit on the rod ahead of the seat and the other on the seat. Its paddles are conveniently located near the feet of the driver so one can easily paddle this vehicle. It moves at the speed depending on the force it is paddled with.

On the other hand, cars and trucks are the main contributors on the planet of pollution. Also, their weight breaks down and ruins roads, which in turn cost more tax money. Once a road needs to be repaired, work is done that pollutes into the environment even more. The environment is slowly being destroyed by all of the pollution emitted from vehicles, many that don’t have been used. A benefit is bicycle is much lighter and allows roads to last much longer than with heavy to be used.

A benefit is bicycles are much lighter and allow roads to last much longer than with heavy vehicle traffic. According to the walker in on bicycles, many trips in cars and trucks used instead of cars in urban areas are quite short and could easily be made on a bicycle.

It is one of my most prized possessions. My Daddy presented it to me on my eight birthdays it helps me cover distances in a short time. I love it immensely. However, the cycle is a good source of the body. There are various cycle sports at national and international level.

Speech On: The Bicycle

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