My uncle has a horse that runs like the wind. My uncle has named him Brownie. He is reddish brown in color. He has two little ears. He is very tall and the most beautiful one in the stable. He eats grass and fodder. He is a gentle horse and children love to ride him. Brownie can work very hard. Sometimes he carries heavy loads on his back.

My uncle takes him for a walk every day. He can jump high across a fence and run very fast. At night he sleeps in the stable with other horses.

My uncle takes very good care of Brownie and the other horses. He gives them healthy food and keeps the stable clean. Every week, the vet comes to the farm for their checkup.

When I go for a visit to my uncle’s farm, I always take a ride on Brownie’s back. He takes me around the farm. When I grow up, I wish to have a horse of my own like Brownie.

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