The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly belongs to the family of insects. It is found in our home-gardens. It has a long thin body and flower collecting nectar from them.

The butterfly starts it’s life in an egg. This egg later develops into a small creature like a worm with legs. At this stage it’s called a caterpillar is changing in to an adult it gets enclosed in a hard cyst. This enclosed creature later develops in to a butterfly.
There are different kinds of butterflies in our country. Some are small and some are big. Some are single coloured. Some are multi-coloured.

The butterflies make our home-gardens beautiful and help in the pollination of flowers.
There are some people who collect butterflies as a body. The butterflies are handled very carefully as their colours easily rubbed off.

A person who shows a foolish and care-free attitude towards life is often nicknamed “a butterfly”.
There are many verses and songs written about their beauty an innocence.
It is said that the small children are like butterflies because the small children too are innocent.

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