Essay on The Carpenter

The man who makes furniture using wood is called a carpenter. As he is a very useful person we cannot do without him.
When a carpenter gets a lot of wood, he saws it into pieces, levels it and makes many kinds of attractive furniture.

The carpenter’s job is not easy. He has to use many tools to bring furniture to the proper position and standard.
In the olden days, he had to do everything manually. But today everything is done by machines.

Therefore he can now make furniture quickly and at a cheaper rate.
The carpenter also puts up roofs of houses and makes doors and windows as well.

Everyone comes to him to get something done. The carpenter has a shed beside his house where a lot of wood in store.
When we go to a town we can see many kinds of attractive furniture in shops. Today our furniture is exported to many countries in the world.

Speech on: The Carpenter

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