Essay on The Film I Saw

I recently saw an American movie which had impressed me much with its technical, screenplay and acting excellence. ?Witness? comes from Hollywood and it is an enjoyable crime thriller. ?Amish? is an old forgotten culture in Pennsylvania. They live secluded with their unchanged 18th Centuary culture away from the modern society. They live a peasant life without any modern gadgets. As Amish boy unconsciously becomes an eyewitness to a murder. Killers belong to the police force and are very powerful. An honest detective takes the responsibility of saving the little boy from the killers and busting the crime. He becomes successful ultimately.

The main attraction of the film is the excellent picturisation of ?Amish? culture. Every frame brings out the elegant beauty of a forgotten innocence with a contrast of modern ?organised crime?. A small 5-years old boy, the ?witness? is no natural with his stunning performance. Their faith, clannish loyalty and social discipline are filmed with a visual perfection. No overacting, melodramatic scenes and unrealistic car-chase and fights.

The effect of the story strikes our thoughts so forcefully but nowhere the characters overplay their emotions. Harrison Ford, as a leading character expresses the pain of knowing the killers in all his tired and agonized looks. Here crime is not glorified. Hard truth of responsible people turning into betrayers is depicted quite efficiently in this movie.

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