Essay on The Habit of Reading

The power of man resides in his mind. The limbs, the fingers and the clever thumb are all slaves of the mind, which thinks and plans. Man’s conquests over nature tell us about his great powers of mind. How did he make himself glorious among all other creations? Man conquers by knowledge. His acquiring of knowledge by probing makes him supreme.

We have read about many conquerors like, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Nepolean etc. Their perseverance, set-goals to be achieved and a thorough knowledge about the world made their dreams come true. We can be a conqueror if we learn more and more from our teachers and books. Knowledge is gained by asking, searching and learning.

By reading books we can develop an positive mind. We can know all about art, religion, culture, literature, scientific discovery and technological invention and become more alive to the world of knowledge. Habit of reading great classics enriches us, ennobles our qualities, and makes us an effective part of a great heritage.

What kind of books can elevate our nature? Interpretation of great scriptures, classics and literature, autobiographies of great men, history etc. are some themes which can guide us to a noble path. Young minds get corrupted by reading trash. The temptations to read violent and vulgar books should be overcome. When we read a classic, we are in communication with a great mind and get a moral contentment. Let us make reading a regular habit and so become a creative member of the world community.

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