Essay on The policeman

The policeman is an important public servant. He is strong, tall and a healthy man. He is a government servant. He wears a smart khaki uniform. He keeps a small stick in his hand. He plays a very important role. He has to maintain law and order. He has to do a lot of work. He goes from place to place to catch thieves and bad people.

Bad characters create a lot of trouble for all of us. Bad people are afraid of him. A policeman has to work day and night. At night he goes on the round the area.

This profession is not only arresting. This profession is for those who have the perception to resolve the problem of any situation. Personal life is restricted to certain rules and criteria.

On the occasion of the fair and big meeting he maintains peace by applying for law and order. On the occasion of the festival, he continues his duty for helping people to celebrate the occasion peacefully. It is an extremely tough situation to control his emotion for his family at the festival time. His duty is very hard, therefore, he should be paid a respectable salary. There should also be an extra bonus at the festival time duty.
A policeman helps good and peace-loving citizens. He helps them to be happy. Some policeman is trained to control the traffic.

They control and manage the traffic at road junctions and crossings. A policeman also controls crowds. We must always cooperate with him in maintaining law and order. We should respect him. Our life and property are safe because of the policeman.

Few policemen become very popular and people respect and salute them from bottom of their heart for his honesty and style of work.

Speech on: The policeman

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