Essay on The Things I Dislike Most

Everyone has his likings and disliking. I hate violence. It does not solve any problem.

Violence is an act of the beast. It is better to use love and non-violence. Then I hate falsehood. A man tells many lies and tries to prove that he following the path of truth.

Falsehood leads to evil. I love truth and non-falsehood. I hate selfishness also. Selfishness also leads to evil. It creates hatred against other people.

I hate money-mindedness also. We should earn through our efforts. We should not have an eye on other’s wealth. I hate arrogance also. I want to live a humble life. Pride hath a fall. It also turns the man into a beast. Humility is a good habit.

I hate all these because they will make us do wrong things. We shall follow the wrong path if we have a liking for any of these. I want to lead a good life. therefore, I want to follow the path of goodness and not evil.

Speech on: The Things I Dislike Most

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