This summer my father taught me how to ride a bicycle. It was not easy to learn. I was very scared in the beginning. My father used my elder brother’s bicycle to teach me how to ride. It took me seven days to learn. But I am happy that I could learn to ride at last.

My father took me to practice every day. But I was unable to get over my fear. On the second day when I still could not ride, I started crying. It seemed very difficult, as I kept falling.

My father told me never to give up. He said we should keep trying until we succeed. So, I plucked up courage and started learning again. Though I kept falling, I did not give up. My father was with me all the time. On the seventh day, I could ride the bicycle all by myself. I was very happy. My father hugged me and said he was proud of me. He also gifted me a new bicycle.

That day I learned one important lesson. We should never give up. No matter how hard the task is, we should keep trying until we succeed.

Speech on: Try! Try! Till You Succeed

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