Value of Sports

Sports are very useful for our lives. There are many advantages in doing sports because it helps to develop our personality and also make our body strong and healthy. This in turn helps to keep our minds healthy.

A person who is involved in sports is mentally and physically well developed.

Sports teach is to accept both defeat and victory in the same spirit.

A person who is doing sports generally developed special qualities such as patience, courage and senesce of responsibility. All these qualities are helpful to prepare us to live as good citizens in society.

We can also get an opportunity to share experiences with other participants and learn to appreciate others when we do sports.

When it’s time to get a job, having done sports could be an added qualification.

Doing some sort of sport has another advantage. That is, we could meet people from lots of other countries when participating in international sports activities. We can learn many things about the countries and also the sportsmen and women we meet. This can help us. It is useful to interact with people of other nationalities.

Speech on “Value of Sports”

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