Last winter, our family went to Simla, a famous hill station. It was the first time that I had visited such a nice place. It was very beautiful and peaceful.

We went by car and it took us eight hours to reach Simla. We reached there in the afternoon and it was very cold. We checked into a hotel and had our lunch. In the evening, we went for a walk on the Mall Road. The place was full of small and pretty houses. The local people were very friendly. They even offered us tea.

The next morning we went to the famous spot, Chail. It was a place from where we could see the entire valley. I had never seen such a beautiful place, and so I was very excited. I clicked many pictures there.
We then went to a nearby market. The place was full of people from different countries. My father bought me few picture postcards, and my mother also shopped a bit. We left the place early next morning. I loved the place so much that I would like to visit it next year too.

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