People enjoyed perfect happiness without fear or sorrow or disease. Everyone was in harmony with his neighbour. The four pillars of religion-truth, purity, mercy and charity-stood firm in all the world. None was poor and none was unfortunate. The goat and the lion lived in peace together.

Such was the time of peace there. The above conditions show the contrast between western society and peace loving humanity. Literature and history gives us many bad examples of war and its hardening effect on human mind.

The war in old days was based on the “laws of war”. Thus, in the midst of war men learn self-control, fulfil their promise not to destroy public propety and notto slay innocent people at large. With this practiced self control they were able to learn the way of peace even in wars. War passes, peace succeeds. And men will remember the wars of the past-the wars of the Greeks and the Roman, of Europe and Napolean, Japan, China, America-as dreams of awful times in the history of mankind but time that will never come again.

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