Wedding are grand affairs. I recently attended the wedding of a friend. It was performed in a park. The park was converted into a fairy-land. A huge “Shamiana” was erected on one end with a path, all illuminated and decorated with flowers leading to it from a magnificent gate erected for the purpose.

The Pandal vied with the banquet hall of a place with its thick white and red carpets, white canopy, white and designed curtains and flower decoration. The fragrance of the flowers filled it. On one side sat the musicians with Shehnai and its accompaniments. The Shehnai was being played very softly. Men in their Sunday best and women and children in all colors of rainbow added to the dreamland atmosphere.

The bridegroom’s party arrived with the fan-fare of firework, band, and dance by the members of the party. They were accorded a warm welcome. The bridegroom was escorted to the throne-like-seat on the raised platform.

The dolled-up bride accompanied by her sister and friends arrived walking at a slow pace. After some minor ceremonies the?Jaymala-exchange of garlands-took place to the accompaniment of several flashers from cameras, merry laughter, and jokes.

It was a great occasion for socializing. I met many of my friends and relatives with whom I Exchanged pleasantries and information about the families. I offered my good wishes and my gift to the newly married couple and let with pleasant memories of the celebration.

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