Why I love books

I have a little library of my own at home. Now I have fairy tales, comics, and books on geography, science, history, and literature – all of which are presented in the form of a story.

I love my books. Whenever I have a holiday, I pick up any book from the shelf and read it. I get so engrossed in the book that I often to eat. My mother has to yell at me to have my lunch.

I often borrow books from my friends and my school library. Books hold a great charm for me. Some of my friends to have started enjoying a reading book as much as I do.
You know why the top students of your class are clever; it is because he has the habit of reading his textbooks. I think teacher teach to grow interested in a subject and give basic ideas about any subject.

But it is the reading which brings perfection about the subject of concern. I think reading increases the intelligence level of a child by reading the great books and this practice push the whole world towards new discovery, innovation, and creativity.

I achieved a lot of knowledge by reading various books and newspapers. I usually read the great magazine authorized by the government, it is because it has content of toppers of the society.
Read a book which is inspire you, read a book which gives you a chance to select the best path of life, there are either a love story, failure story, religious books, successive person’s books, history book etc.

Most of my relatives and friends know that the best birthday gift that they can give me books and with their generosity I have over a hundred books in my personal library now.

Speech on: Why I love books

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