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Eating Methods

The shape of the mouth the jaws and the teeth of animals depend upon the kind of food they eat. Some animals (like frogs/snakes) swallow their food whole. They do not chew. Their teeth present in the upper jaw are only for preventing escape of the prey from the mouth and not for chewing or biting.

Eating Methods - 1

Grass-eating animals have sharp front teeth to bite off plants (like cows/horses). They have strong and broad back teeth(molars) to grind their foods. They have no teeth for tearing food. There is space between the front teeth and the back teeth.

Some of these grass-eating animals first bite off the grass with their front teeth and swallow it quickly. After some time they bring up small amounts of food from their stomach back into their mouth. Then they keep on chewing it well. This is called Chewing the Cud.

Eating Methods - 2

Flesh-eating animals (like tigers/lions) have special long pointed teeth to tear the flesh. They also have strong grinding teeth to chew the meat and bones.

Eating Methods - 3

Some animals eat seeds, fruits and plants (like rats/squirrels). They have pair of very sharp front teeth both in the upper and the lower jaws.

Eating Methods - 4

Some animals like liquid foods (milk) suck from their mothers (like kittens/calves/foals). Like dogs, cats lick milk and water with the help of their tongues.

Eating Methods - 5

The mouth parts of the butterfly are modified into a long sucking tube with which it sucks nectar from flowers. This tube is known as the “Proboscis”. When not in use it remains coiled like a watch-spring below the head. When it wants to suck nectar, the tube is uncoiled and pushed into the flower.

Eating Methods - 6 Insects (like mosquitoes/bees) have mouth parts (proboscis) adapted for piercing and sucking

Eating Methods - 7 Birds eat various kinds of food. Some birds feed on animals only, while others are strictly vegetarian. Birds have beaks, specially designed to catch or pick up their foods.

Eating Methods - 8

Eagles, hawks and owls feed on small animals like rats so they have hooked beaks, while the beaks of ducks are broad and notched for scooping and straining the mud.

Eating Methods - 9

The beaks of sparrows are short and straight and are useful for crushing seeds. The woodpecker has a chisel-shaped beak for drilling into trees to look for insects.

Eating Methods - 10

Some birds use their feet and sharp claws (eagles/vultures) to capture their prey.

Eating Methods - 11

Eating Methods

Animals are having different kind of eating methods. Explore your knowledge about animal eating methouds.

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