Math Genius Certification
With 1800+ Math Word Problems

The math program has been designed to improve math skills and build confidence in math success. It covers a variety of mathematical concepts. This program is suitable for students who need to refresh and revive forgotten skills. This program can boost current knowledge they have taken in the classroom, or this program can reinforce student skills.

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3 months program but covers all the mathematical concepts

By facing the 1800+ math word problems, your child will learn one year of math in 3 or less than three months because the 1800+ word problems cover a variety of mathematical concepts. We guarantee and are ready to refund your total investment if you have not seen any improvement in your child after three months.

Learn at Me Application Dashboard
Learn at Me Application Dashboard

20 minute a day to success

20 minutes a day through the three months is enough to succeed, but success does not come without effort. If you genuinely want to see your child succeed in math, push them to commit during these three months and succeed in math. Build a "Yes I can" attitude in their mind. Explain to them that they have laid the foundation for future challenges and success when achieving math success. So, let them practice, practice, and practice.

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1800+ Problmes
Easy, medium, and complex math word problems are helpful to exercise both sides of the brain.

Certificate for all the tests passes with "A" grade and final Math Genius Certification.

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See the number of tests attempted, certificates earned, skills practiced, and how they improve by skill category.

Get everything for students to be engaged and mastery!

Why are math word problems important?

In the mathematics curriculum, the word math problems are essential because solving math word problems improves the student's mental skills, boosts creative thinking, logical analysis, and many more abilities that make a huge difference and benefit future life and career.

The students practice all the mathematical concepts and tools they have learned by solving word problems. They will use the concepts they have learned in past chapters or even past grades. This helps reinforce previously known topics.

However, students often struggle with math word problems because they require analyzing information and extracting only helpful elements. Instead of being told directly what operation they need to do, they have to discover it themselves before even beginning to figure out the solution. This is the vital part that helps children to build their abilities by solving math word problems.

Word problems are a vital tool in determining a student's comfortable material. With multiple-choice problems or even basic solving, children have many opportunities to get the correct answer without actually understanding the process or cause behind the math. But, with word problems, students must display higher levels of thinking. Word problems make it easier to see what concepts students need extra help on.