Math Word Problems: Session 10

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01. Rina has a pet cat. Her cat eats 6 ounces of cat food each day. How many ounces of cat food will Rina's cat eat in one week?
A. 7 ounces
B. 13 ounces
C. 35 ounces
D. 42 ounces
02. Rina's cat eats 1 can of cat food each day. Each can of cat food costs 40¢. How much money will Rina spend on cat food in one week?
A. $280
B. $1.00
C. $3.50
D. $2.80
03. Rina's cat had 6 kittens. He wants to sell the kittens for $5.00 each. How much money would Rina earn if he sold all the kittens?
A. $35.00
B. $5.00
C. $11.00
D. $30.00
04. Rina's cat sleeps 18 hours each day. How many hours is Rina's cat awake each day?
A. 5 hours
B. 10 hours
C. 8 hours
D. 6 hours
05. Sam wants to buy a two-wheel bicycle. The bike costs $75.00. He has saved $43.00. How much more money does he need to save to buy the bike?
A. $43
B. $45
C. $35
D. $32
06. After saving for another month, Sam needs $16.00 more to buy a bicycle. Her mom will pay him $2.00 an hour for pulling weeds in the yard. How many hours of weed pulling will Sam need to do to earn $16.00?
A. 32 hours
B. 16 hours
C. 7 hours
D. 8 hours
07. Sam's mom bought him a helmet for $25.00, bicycling gloves for $15.00, and an inner tube repair kit for $7.00. How much did Sam's mom spend in all?
A. $60
B. $55
C. $25
D. $47
08. Sam rode his new bike around the block 16 times. He traveled 2 miles each time he went around the block. How many miles did he travel in all?
A. 26 miles
B. 30 miles
C. 8 miles
D. 32 miles
09. Sam rode his bike every day for a week. Every day he rode 2 miles. How many miles in all will he ride in two weeks?
A. 7 miles
B. 12 miles
C. 10 miles
D. 28 miles
10. In the 3rd week, Sam rode an extra 1 mile every day. How many miles in all will he ride by the end of the third week?
A. 60 miles
B. 28 miles
C. 21 miles
D. 49 miles