Math Word Problems: Session 12

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01. Adom began selling bracelets. He has sold 8 so far. He sells each bracelet for $4.00. How much money has he earned?
A. $16.00
B. $24.00
C. $30.00
D. $32.00
02. Adom wants to know how much money she has spent on materials to make the bracelets. The materials for each bracelet cost $2.00. How much has he spent on the materials for 8 bracelets?
A. $32.00
B. $24.00
C. $8.00
D. $16.00
03. Adom spent $20.00 on materials to make bracelets. He sold 10 bracelets for $3.00 each. How much money Adom makes after the cost of the materials.
A. $40.00
B. $30.00
C. $20.00
D. $10.00
04. Mary has more seashells than Anne. Anne has more seashells than Adom. Who has the most seashells?
A. Anne and Adom
B. Anne
C. Adom
D. Mary
05. Who has the fewest seashells?
A. Anne and Mary
B. Mary
C. Anne
D. Adom
06. Mary found one seashell on the beach every 10 minutes. How many seashells did she find in 2 hours?
A. 14 seashells
B. 24 seashells
C. 6 seashells
D. 12 seashells
07. How many did she find in 5 hours?
A. 20 seashells
B. 65 seashells
C. 25 seashells
D. 30 seashells
08. Mary has 9 boxes of seashells. The first box has 1 seashell in it. The second has 2 seashells in it, the third has 3, and so on. How many seashells does Mary have in all 9 boxes?
A. 10 seashells
B. 50 seashells
C. 29 seashells
D. 45 seashells
09. Adom also has a collection of sand dollars. He has five stacks of sand dollars. Each stack has 5 sand dollars in it. How many sand dollars does she have in all?
A. 20 sand dollars
B. 15 sand dollars
C. 10 sand dollars
D. 25 sand dollars
10. Ryan went camping with his uncle. Ryan can set up the tent in 12 minutes. His uncle can set up the tent in 8 minutes. How much longer does it take Ryan to set up the tent?
A. 8 minutes
B. 2 minutes
C. 16 minutes
D. 4 minutes