Math Word Problems: Session 09

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01. During a fundraiser, each of the 35 members of a group sold candy bars. If each member sold an average of 6 candy bars, how many total bars did the group sell?
A. 6
B. 41
C. 180
D. 210
02. Ryan takes $58 with her on a shopping trip to the mall. He spends $18 on new shoes and another $6 on lunch. How much money does he have left after these purchases?
A. $24
B. $52
C. $40
D. $34
03. On a four-day trip Carrie drove 135 miles the first day, 213 miles the second day, 159 miles the third day, and 189 miles the fourth day. Which of the following choices is the best approximation of the total miles Carrie drove during the trip?
A. 600
B. 400
C. 800
D. 700
04. The drivers at G & G trucking must report the mileage on their trucks each week. The mileage reading of Ed’s vehicle was 20,907 at the beginning of one week, and 21,053 at the end of the same week. What was the total number of miles driven by Ed that week?
A. 46 miles
B. 145 miles
C. 1046 miles
D. 146 miles
05. A trash container, when empty, weighs 27 pounds. If this container is filled with a load of trash that weighs 108 pounds, what is the total weight of the container and its contents?
A. 185 pounds
B. 145 pounds
C. 81 pounds
D. 135 pounds
06. Department regulations require trash collection trucks to have transmission maintenance every 13,000 miles. Truck #B-17 last had maintenance on its transmission at 12,398 miles. The mileage gauge now reads 22,003. How many more miles can the truck be driven before it must be brought in for transmission maintenance?
A. 9,605 miles
B. 9,003 miles
C. 4,395 miles
D. 3,395 miles
07. How many inches are there in 4 feet?
A. 12 inches
B. 36 inches
C. 52 inches
D. 48 inches
08. Dave is 46 years old, twice as old as Rajeeve. How old is Rajeeve?
A. 30 years old
B. 28 years old
C. 18 years old
D. 23 years old
09. Salesperson Rita drives 2,052 miles in 6 days, stopping at 2 towns each day. How many miles does she average between stops?
A. 1,026 miles
B. 684 miles
C. 342 miles
D. 171 miles
10. During the last week of track training, Shoshanna achieves the following times in seconds: 66, 57, 54, 54, 64, 59, and 59. Her three best times this week are averaged for her final score on the course. What is her final score?
A. 61 seconds
B. 59 seconds
C. 57 seconds
D. 55 seconds