Parent Center

Our lifestyle today is one that often leaves us in a difficult position with our families. This is because there is so much to do and so little time! People today face high-stress levels mainly because of their “rushed” lifestyles. This type of lifestyle affects the parent-child relationship the most. Children are such that they need a lot of “input” from their parents. Sadly though, most often than not, parents are unable to give their children all the attention they need. This leaves parents and children frustrated when the relationship slowly starts breaking down. This erosion of the parent-child relationship can easily lead to problems that will affect the child throughout his life. Neglect and bad parenting is also a reason for the increasing number of teens who partake in alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore today’s parents need more help and guidance than ever when it comes to bringing up their children. Find more tips and advice from our parent center for better parenting.

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