Best way to teach kids to read and Write

Always keep reading materials near your child – Let your child the value of reading and writing. Have books, newspapers, and magazines handy. Visit the library with your child often. When they read more their skills will be better.

Make reading fun – Read together. Then share ideas about what you’ve read. You will both learn from this!

Teach your child to read with a purpose – From this method, your child gets more support.

  1. Scan the piece read bold words, headings, captions and so on. Look at graphs and pictures, too.

  2. Ask yourself, what does this piece seem to be about?

  3. Read the piece carefully.

  4. Write down the main ideas of the piece, or tell someone what they are.

  5. Review what was learned from the reading.

Encourage for writing

Suggest that your child write more letters and notes, and use the telephone less. This will help your child discover the importance of writing clearly.

Stress a step-by-step approach to writing

Have your child follow these steps when writing a report or essay:

  1. Think about the questions the report or essay will answer.

  2. Make a plan to organize information and ideas.

  3. Write the first draft. Use this draft as a starting point. Everything will not be perfect for the first time, don’t expect that.

  4. Read the draft. Fix errors and make improvements.

  5. Rewrite the report or essay.

  6. Help them to check for spelling errors and other mistakes.

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