The Main Causes For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancers and it is the second leading cause of death for females who suffer from cancer. It is caused when the breast cells start growing and dividing uncontrollably, resulting in the formation of lumps or tumors in the breast. What would you feel if one of your friends or family were found positive for breast cancer? You would want to know why, right? This article is aimed at explaining some of the main causes for breast cancer, which are detailed below.

Heredity and Genes

Though it is not proved scientifically, it is believed that if ones family and their ancestors (are supposed to) have suffered from breast cancer, there is a (increased) probability that their descendants too could suffer from it.


It is found that women who are 50 and above account for 70 percent of all female breast cancer victims, which clearly means that the possibility of getting breast cancer increases with ones age.


According to research studies, it has been found that certain ethnic groups such as African and European women tend to be more risk prone to breast cancer when compared to women in Asia. However, this theory changes when geography is counted into the equation, in instances where victims live in non-native countries. It says that Asian women living in non-native countries show the same risk as the natives or first-settlers in that country.

It is also found that African-American women are more likely to get cancer before menopause, compared to Caucasian women.

Delayed Childbearing, Early Menstruation and Hormones – Delayed childbearing and early menstruations (i.e. menstrual cycles in girls before the age of 12) are two factors that increase the amount of time that females are exposed to estrogen, and by being so, makes them more vulnerable to breast cancer.

Alcohol and Smoking

According to research, it has been found that those women who take alcohol have an increased risk of acquiring cancer, when compared to those that dont drink. Similarly, women who smoke and who are vulnerable to cigarette smoke could possibly have an increased potential of acquiring breast cancer.


Polyunsaturated fats, corn oil, sweet food and red meat increases the risk of breast cancer, if consumed regularly (or in huge volumes). Food such as Soy and monounsaturated fats like olive oil and canola oil are supposed to reduce this risk.

Other factors

Other factors that could possibly increase the risk of breast cancers are work stress, exposure to radiation, not breastfeeding, obesity, not having children, and the previous presence of cancerous or non-cancerous lumps in the breast.

So, if you find a victim of breast cancer, see as to what factors caused them to acquire it. By doing so, you will know what the most common reasons for breast cancer are, and you could help others by advising them too.

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