Lowering the risk of breast cancer

There are plenty of research and test carried out to find the perfect treatment to cure breast cancer for good. Studies and research may take time and eventually there may be a cure, however for now those with breast cancer can only use the available types of treatment. There is no super drug as such.

Even if we are suffering from breast cancer or have family and friends having breast cancer one would always wonder what they did wrong, how they can beat breast cancer or how they can lower the risk of getting breast cancer. Those with a family history of breast cancer are looking for solutions to lower the risk of getting breast cancer.

How you can lower the risk of breast cancer.

  • What you eat can have an impact on breast cancer. Increase your intake of dietary fibre. Stay away from the fat and oily food. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables especially vegetables and fruits with carotene.
  • Shed that weight: Being overweight is another risk factor for breast cancer. You should maintain a healthy weight. Especially fat around the abdomen. Being overweight causes changes in hormone levels which effect the breast tissue. Especially estrogen.
  • Never expose your skin to direct sunlight: You may think here goes the chance of you ever getting a tan complexion but the risk of breast cancer is higher and will put you off from basking in the sun during those summer months immediately. Besides you can get a sun tan without over exposing your self to the sun or use artificial tanning equipment.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercise flushes the toxins in the body.
  • Make sure you do a breast examination regularly. You are never too young to start. Therefore, once you hit your 20s make sure that you regularly check for lumps in your breasts. Mom should also check their breast regularly especially after having a baby. However, most lumps can be harmless but early detection can prevent anything drastic.
  • Check out that unusual lump in your breast. Make sure you check these usually lump out by showing yourself to a doctor.
  • Make sure you know your familys history of breast cancer. This is a good reason to check yourself often and see the doctor if you feel anything unusual.
  • Give up smoking and limit alcohol.
  • There are certain risks factors to breast cancer that cannot be changed. Such as:
  • Age is something that cannot be changed. There are several health risks that come with age. One of those risks is breast cancer.
  • Family history of breast cancer. Females whose relatives have had breast cancer may face a risk
  • Studies show that black women are at a greater risk of getting breast cancer and dying from it than white women.
  • Having dense breast tissue can make it easier for doctors to detect breast cancer.
  • Menstrual cycle: Women who get their menstrual cycle earlier and stop when they are much older stand the risk of having breast cancer
  • Most physicians never recommend a chest x-ray or radiation treatment to the chest for younger women who have not had children. This is because of the lasers and radiation that is used.
  • Not having children and not breast feeding.

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