Children Should Eat Well Too

It is the responsibility of the parents to encourage smart eating habits in children.  Over 75% of the children do not get enough vegetables and fruits in their diets. Children who lack the essential vitamins and minerals do not perform well academically and also tend to have more aggressive behavior.  As such children should be given these nutrients as it is vital for the development and growth of your child.  Parents should be aware as to how they should feed their children, and cultivating and introducing foods that are healthy, will help your child to start eating a balanced diet.  How do you make sure that your child gets a balanced diet?

  • Bread, Pasta, and Rice should be in the diet.  It would be best if your child could be given whole-wheat.
  • Fruits and Vegetables are essential parts of the diet and should be at least five portions a day.
  • Adequate Protein. Meat, Fish, Eggs, and beans on a daily basis.
  • Cheese, Milk, and Yoghurt daily, which is needed for healthy bones.
  • Breakfast cereal, margarine and oily fish rich in Vitamin D which ensures a good supply of calcium.
  • Citrus fruits, oranges, lemon, and potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C.

Starting good eating habits early in their lives will help them to get used to the diet given to them by their parents. Unless this method of good eating is introduced early, you are bound to have issues with your child when you decide to change the menus he/she is used to.  By making sure you have adequate fruits at home, you could avoid your child getting into the habit of finding a quick snack, and the fresh juices which are an important element for the child’s growth can take the place of soda and other bottled drinks. 

Good nutrition and a balanced diet is the foundation for a healthy life.  But with all the advertising and commercials on fast foods, keeping your child on a path that is healthy is not an easy task.  As such it is important that the meals set for your children are appealing to them.  With a bit of creativity, you could make the most boring meal look interesting.

Parents should set an example for their children, and they too by eating healthy meals can make their children eat what is laid before them.  Instill in them a healthy attitude towards food. Teach your child the importance of eating a balanced meal.    

By starting to give your child a nutritious meal, you can be a satisfied parent knowing that you have taught your child good eating habits at an early stage in their lives. 

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