How to build confidence in kids and help your child to feel successful?

What do you expect from your child? Every child not at the same level in the class. Just ask your child to do his or her best. But, don’t demand more form your child than he or she can do. What do you need to do is having high expectations and continually help them to be a success.

Set goals together – Help your child set clear goals to work toward. These goals should always be a challenge – but not out of reach.

Reward effort, not just results – Praise your child for trying his or her best no matter what the result.

Be a good role model

Don’t negative about learning – Always talk about education and school in a way that shows them the value of learning. Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby with your child.

Have fun learning – Show your child how you are like learning. Read books, newspapers, and magazines often. Watch TV shows that teach you something new things. Visits museums, libraries, etc., together.

Build “Yes, I Can do” attitude – Face problems that your child feels you are trying your best. Let your child see how you try your best to resolve problems or achieve the maximum from tough tasks.

Encourage Independence

Encourages Independence – Prepare your child to take charge of his or her own life learning.

From early ages give responsibilities – Let your child handle his or her own household chores alone. Gently make it clear that you expect results. Increase responsibility as your child is ready.

Give Guidance and Support – Be with your child even you have given responsibilities and let them feel that you are there to support him or her when they face difficulties. Offer support and guidance but be sure she or he does the work.

Expect Success, But Don’t Punish Failure – Encourage your child to always keep trying. Don’t punish your child for mistakes. Instead, help your child learn from them. Look for improvement next time.

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