The Importance of Staying in Touch with Your Child’s Teacher

The Importance of Staying in Touch with Your Child’s Teacher

Parent - Teacher Relationship

Every year, parents worry about various things with respect to their child’s new class and its teacher. Will the teacher identify my child’s intelligence and learning levels and adapt accordingly? Will the teacher see my child’s special abilities and talents? These are some of the questions that many parents worry about even though they do not want to be interfering and domineering. In order to solve this issue, the ideal course of action for parents is to form a healthy relationship with the teacher.

Similar to many other relationship types, a parent – teacher relationship too, once established, can ignore several social mistakes or blunders. Moreover, building such a relationship with a teacher almost always entail a process where it is necessary to break unfamiliarity boundaries, gain mutual trust and ‘stay in touch.’

However, as a parent, you should not confuse the building of this relationship to be one that is similar to friendship. In fact, your main objective should be to form a relationship that will offer unofficial insight into your kid’s performance at school even when you miss one or two parent-teacher meetings.

Importance of a Good Teacher – Parent Relationship

Even though you might think that the most important inquiry from a teacher is regarding your child’s academic performance, it is not so. In fact, there are various aspects which you need to inquire about your child from his or her teacher.

  • Getting a clear picture from the teacher about your child’s emotional status will be essential for you.
  • As a parent, there are various situations where you may need to request for special attention for your child from the teacher. For such a situation, a good teacher-parent relationship is ideal.
  • Sometimes, you may want the teacher to intuitively evaluate your child.
  • Sometimes, you will need to offer opinions about your child’s mental status which could be helpful for the teacher to develop a custom teaching plan for your child.

Why Parents Don’t Develop Good Relationships with Teachers

Some parents feel reluctant to develop good relationships with their children’s teachers because they fear the feeling of vulnerability. These types of parents feel that they may over expose themselves as disorganized and futile parents which as a result would cause a teacher to criticize them professionally.

Such parents should understand that teachers aren’t so different and are as human as them. Moreover, most teachers are parents as well. Hence, you are bound to find teachers who have the same parenting problems as you. As a result, they will, without a doubt, understand your situation, empathize about it and offer helpful advice.

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