Peer Pressure in Elementary School and What You Need to Teach Your Children

As a parent, you will encounter situations where your six years old refuses to wear the new pair of sneakers you bought because everyone else in his class is wearing expensive shoes. Similarly, you may also face situations where your ten-year-old daughter wanting to pierce her ears because her all friends have done it. These situations are excellent examples of peer pressure influencing the way your kids behave and act.

Peer pressure starts to apply for children when they are small and it continuously increases as they grow older. It is perfectly normal for children to depend on their friends as they get older. In fact, in some situations, peer pressure can be advantageous and safe. However, most of the time, it can lead to situations where your children may perform badly in school, try out with alcohol or drugs or even become sexually active. As parents, these types of situations are alarming. In order to help your children do the right thing when coping with the influence of their peers, you need to do numerous things. Given below are some suggested courses of action for parents to help their children cope with peer pressure in a positive and productive manner.

Self Confidence

First and foremost, it is important for parents to help their children develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Kids who are confident of themselves and their abilities won’t be influenced by their peers easily.

In order to instill such a sense of confidence in your child, make sure to consult his or her opinion for a majority of family activities. For example, you can ask your child for the kind of activity he prefers to do with you during playtime or you can even ask him to help you decide on whom to vote for in your local elections by reading a few articles. When parents show their children that they place immense importance on their opinions, the self-confidence of the children automatically starts to improve. With this newly acquired and ever-improving feeling, your child will be confident to make a decision on his or her own rather than ‘following the crowd.’


Make your kid get interested in positive activities like music, sports, scouting or anything similar. Achievements from these types of activities will help to enhance your child’s self-respect and confidence. Moreover, he or she will also be friends with children who are also interested in the same types of activities rather than negative ones.


One of the most important qualities that parents should develop to a greater extent is listening to ability. Make sure to always listen to your kids. The primary objective of parents should be to help their kids make smart decisions in order to do the right thing. To facilitate such actions and behavior, parents should build responsibility in their children’s attitudes regarding significant issues. Hence, make sure to talk about these issues with them very often.

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