Keypoints which make preschool education vital for children

Everyone desires to lead a successful life. A child in preschool is too young to think of success or failure in life. However, it is the parents who plan for the child’s future. Recent studies have shown that starting a child’s education at the age of five years is too late. The importance of early learning to prepare for an effective education has been realized. Present-day parents are aware of this fact and that is why they give so much importance to preschool education.

The first few years of life are the most important. These are the formative years during which a child’s character is built. This is the period during which a child should be told how to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Since these are the years that are spent in preschool the education that a child receives in preschool is vital.

Some years ago children in preschools were not taught letters and numbers. Their lessons were elementary. They were more inclined to play than to learn. They spent their time in the preschools playing games, listening to stories, singing songs, engaging in some handwork, and perhaps coloring pictures in books. Educationists have now realized that more importance should be attached to preschool education and as such the curriculum has been changed to provide for a more meaningful syllabus for the children in the preschools.

Kindergarten teachers have found that there is a wide difference between children coming from preschools and children who have not attended preschools. Children from preschools are usually able to pick up studies much faster. The children who had not attended preschools were definitely at a disadvantage.

The comparisons continue into later years and research has proven that children from preschools are more motivated with an increased desire to learn.

Another important factor to consider was that with the high increase in the number of children entering kindergarten every year, the teachers in the kindergarten couldn’t give individual attention to every child. So, the children from preschools who are leading will continue to be at the forefront. This will be a frustrating experience for the children who do not come from a preschool.

To avoid the disadvantage to children who do not attend a preschool, it has now become the national policy of the United States to make preschool education compulsory for every child in the preschool going age, irrespective of his or her economic status.

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