Different Forms of Energy

What are the different forms of energy?

Energy comes in different forms, and each can be changed into another form.

Here are six different forms of energy

Chemical Energy is the energy stored within bones between molecules. There are many sources for this energy, such as natural gas, gasoline and coal.

Thermal Energy (Or heat energy) is the energy of moving molecules. The Energy that comes from afire is thermal energy.

Mechanical Energy is the energy stored in objects by tension. When the tension is released, motion occurs. A spring that is pressed down has mechanical energy.

Radiant Energy (or light energy) is related to the movement of light. The sun provides radiant energy to warm our planet.

Electrical Energy is energy that comes from tiny charged particles called electrons. In nature, lightening is one form of electrical energy.

Nuclear Energy is the energy created when the nuclei of atoms are split or fused. This types of energy is produced in nuclear power plants.<

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