The Nature

Save The Nature

Nature is the most precious gift given to mankind. We have a duty to save nature. But man is destroying it for his own selfish needs.

He is cutting down trees, killing wildlife and polluting the air with poisonous gases. Many fish species have perished, flowers withered and bright, colorful butterflies can hardly be seen anymore.

We are steadily moving towards the path of destruction. Man is selfish in his needs and destroying the land for his own progress. New industries and factories are being built without taking into account the smoke and chemicals emitted from these places.

Beautiful villages are used for industrial purpose. The lands of the poor farmers are being bought by playing meager compensation to cater to the needs of the industrialists.

We forget the fact that animals and birds are made homeless when forests are destroyed. Thus they come out of their habitat and enter the residential areas of human beings in search of food.

That is the reason these days we find the many animals on the roads rather than in the jungle. We are taught in schools that plants give us food and shelter.

The current generation can at least imagine about the plants and trees but the future generation will see them only in laptops, as they would have already become extinct.

Imagine a world where there will be no forests, only concrete jungles, no water but acid rain and no fresh air only smoke-filled clouds.

The ozone layer has already started depleting. We, being the torch bearers of the future of mother earth, has a duty to propagate the love for nature. We have to preserve it and save our planet for being wiped out.

When we teach our children A for apple, tomorrow he will ask us, "Mother, what is an apple?" So let's all take a pledge to plant at least one tree in our gardens and nature it.

Let us take a promise to plant at least one tree today and join the efforts to save this nature.

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